RPW Consulting Corporation is owned and managed by Russell P. Warren, President.

Russell’s expertise in information technology includes automation of financial service entities such as banks (teller, bank platform, consumer loans, mortgage loan production), mortgage lenders (FHA/VA, FmHA and Conventional loan production), title insurance agencies (Intranet, Contact Management, Order Log and Tracking, Asset Management), real estate appraisers (Comparable Sales, Order Log and Tracking, Billing and Accounts Receivable integrated with General Ledger).

Other experience includes database systems for an Alzheimer’s research center, a pharmacy system for a large hospital, designed and developed numerous websites with hosting services, Intranet/Extranet systems, refrigeration control systems for supermarkets and cold storage facilities, bookkeeping and inventory control systems, report generators, script language parsers/interpreters, content management systems, document libraries, systems integration of several systems within a nursing home and assisted living center, plus numerous other projects.

Russell knows how to take seemingly disparate business systems and integrate them.  With his systems and workflow knowledge, he can make a chaotic disaster of an office into a smooth running (calm) environment with greatly improved productivity!

Starting with mainframe computer systems in the 1970′s, Russell has been on the leading edge of technology for years.  Having owned, managed, grown and sold several companies, he brings to the table what many consultants lack — practical small business experience! This equates to:

  1. Knowing what works – practical solutions.
  2. Developing cost-effective solutions (both manual and automated).
  3. Locating hardware and software custom-tailored to fit your budget.

Early in his career, Russell, after four-years of Business Administration (Tulane University and Jacksonville University), and a two-year stint in the U.S. Navy, obtained a real estate license and later became a Realtor.  Finance intrigued him.  He signed on as a loan officer at a bank.  The bank had no computer.  Russell volunteered to manage the huge project to convert their manual systems to a computerized (mainframe) system.

The success of the bank’s automation project resulted in a promotion including acting as President of the bank for six-months.  But, the “computer bug” had bitten him.

In 1979, Russell changed careers and started working with the nation’s largest computer service bureau which, at the time, was named Computer Power, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida (renamed to Lender Processing Services, Inc. – www.LPSvcs.com).  They had a software division.  Russell’s position was Project Manager of Software Development for mini-computers and later micro-computers (PC’s).

After several successful product launches while at Computer Power, Russell decided to be his own boss.  In 1986, he started a software development and consulting company.  In the past, consulting was generally on-site which took Russell to virtually all 48 contiguous States as well as Australia.  However now, Russell is based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.