Remote Desktop Assistance

For Assistance

  1. Call 813.298.0328 and ask for assistance.
  2. We may then request that you click the image at the left:
    1. If this is your first call, a small “Active X” file downloads and installs on your computer.  You will need to respond to the screen prompts.
    2. After the install, a six-digit number displays.
    3. Read the six-digit number to us.
    4. We then can gain access to your computer’s desktop to help resolve most issues.

Everyone has unique needs and challenges.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you.  When you have computer “issues”, give us a call.

Remote Access Tutoring.  Remote access offers an excellent method to help you learn specific features in various software applications such as QuickBooks and Microsoft Office products to realize better productivity and relieve frustration in program usage.  Contrary to the typical classroom instruction, we won’t overwhelm you with things you don’t need to know.

So, when you want help whether to learn or solve a problem, call us at 813.298.0328!